Manufacturers of Food Safe Packaging in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

We provide the most sustainable packaging alternatives for our customers through innovative technology, raw materials and production methods.
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We supply the leading companies in their industry
Illustration of food products in the company's brand colours, being hues of green.
Illustration of a retail outlet in the company's brand colours, being hues of green.
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Certified by the British Retail Consortium Global Standards for Food Safe Packaging
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The certified BRCGS logo for Certified Packaging Materials for food products.
What sets us apart?
Bio-based and Biodegradable
Through the use of organic supplements and renewable raw materials that are naturally replenished and degrade in microbe rich environments.
Dozens of polyethylene raw material pellets laying on a green leaf.
Green polyethylene raw material for the manufacturing of plastic products.
Recycled and Recyclable
All our products are fully recyclable and contain recycled products to aid the circular economy.
Protected against load-shedding
We generate our own power to ensure that our customers' orders are always met on time.
The sun setting over a building with an array of solar panels.
A plastic material extrusion machine called a Bandera from a low angle to give the machine prominence.
Always investing
We’re always investing in new technology and looking towards the future of sustainable packaging.
Driven by sustainability
Sustainable packaging means a sustainable business for our clients.
Giant wind turbines arranged across a lush green landscape.
Fruits and vegetables wrapped in polyethylene pallet wrap and stored together in a large plastic crate.
Food Safe packaging
Our factory is certified by the British Retail Consortium Global Standards for Food Safe Packaging Materials (BRCGS).
Experts in every department
Our team has over 100 years of combined experience, so our customers can have piece-of-mind.
A factory worker wearing a yellow hard hat working inside a factory repairing a machine.
Experts in packaging for food, retail and industrial applications
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An arrangement of polyethylene pallet wrap stacked together on a pallet.
Supernova™ Palletwrap
Nova Eco-Shrink logo.An arrangement of plastic bottles wrapped together by the use of polyethylene pallet wrap and staked together on a pallet.
Nova Eco Shrink™
Nova-Cling Food Film™
White plastic polyethylene sheeting roll laying on the floor.
Sheeting and Tubing
Plain white plastic polyethylene bags spread out on the floor for display.
Manufactured in Cape Town with delivery throughout South Africa
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